Two Quilts - Done!

One quilt took almost 2 years to finish, it shouldn't have but life intervened for almost a year when I didn't get much quilting/sewing done. I know the recipients understand, it is a wedding quilt signed by all the guests at the wedding. I have made 5 of these, all for very special couples, mostly for family or for friends who are more like family. I hope they like it, they haven't seen it yet!

Naomi and Nick were married on a beautiful beach, under a wedding chuppah. Family and friends came from far and near to celebrate the happy occasion.

It is machine pieced and handquilted.

I like to piece the back with fabric that reflects the bride and groom's life. So this back includes footprints in the sand, lupins and lobsters, camping and cycling, running and travel, Christmas and Hannukah. I stitch in the labels which have pictures of the bride and groom and their baby...the quilt took so long that they are now the proud parents of baby Gwen. Congratulations Naomi and Nick, may this quilt bring you memories of a happy day and warmth for many years to come!

The second quilt was much quicker, not much piecing and a brave attempt at machine quilting on my part (not my favourite pastime!). I made it for Quilts Recover, a Calgary based group that will send quilts to families who have experienced a massive tragedy. The first quilts will go out to families in Slave Lake, Alberta. I was really glad to participate in this worthwhile cause and to be able to deliver it to Cheryl in person soon.

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