Colour in my Neighbourhood

One of the reasons I loved living in Halifax (we last lived there 15 years ago) was the colour of the houses. No boring beige or gray, people used colour. Our last house had nine different colours, there was the basic colour of the house and trim but then there were all the accent colours on the insides of the trim and around the windows. I loved it, there was always a surprise tucked away. Then we moved to the country, to another old house in a neighbourhood where the tradition was white house with green trim. I know for someone who loves colour it is boring. We have made up for it with the colours of the interior walls, every room is different.

Yesterday we drove out the Aspotogan Peninsula, to take the car in for a service. It has been a while since I have driven out there and I was reminded that even though we have a white house there is colour in our neighbourhood.

Northwest Cove

Just around the corner from there was this display of colour...

I think that deserves the title " a riot of colour". The more I look at it the more I see surprises. Do you see the cormorant sitting on the float? I love the red on the workshop across the Cove. So even though we have a white house, there is lots of colour around me. great inspiration for a quilter. I wonder what I can do with these colours? That will be a fun challenge.