Been Gone Too Long!


The Nova Scotia flag flies proudly in the Robson backyard, it snowed almost everyday we were there.

The last couple of months have flown by. We had a trip west to see our Calgary grandchildren (and their parents!). It seemed to take two weeks to get ready, then another two weeks to decompress when we got back plus I came home with my winter cold which took the wind out of my sails for a while.

Marcus and his BMW!

We usually go west later in the spring once the golf season has started and it usually coincides with the Heritage Park Quilt Show but this year we went for Molly's March Break which meant we had a whole week with Molly everyday. Great fun and adventures to Monkeyshines (the children's bookstore), Ikea, a few quilt stores and a wonderful trip to Lake Louise.

Andrew and Molly at Lake Louise

Peter went skiing three times with Molly at Nakiska, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise. Molly has been doing the Nancy Greene Ski program for a couple of years now and is a pro on the black diamond runs - pretty impressive!

Pretty impressive for an 8 year old!

Molly loved the "cupcake" house at Lake Louise! There was a lot of snow in the mountains.

We went to a Calgary Flames NHL game (they won!) but sadly they didn't make the playoffs. Marcus is a going concern at 2 1/2! Constant chatter and on the move! Give him a hockey stick or a car and he is happy! And like Molly he loves his books!

Life in my quilt world has been busy too. My local Guild just hosted their 14th Extraordinary Quilter weekend with Ana Buzzalino from Calgary. She was a wonderful teacher and brought a huge pile of quilts to share with us at our Dessert Party. You can read about it here.

The after floors are done and before paint shot! I'll be back soon with more house renos and quilt stuff!


Last Words on the Vermont Quilt Festival

It is time to wrap this up, though I could probably go on for several more posts about our trip. Do check out my Flickr pictures for lots of photos. I tried to give everyone credit for their quilts. I hope I got them all right!

Wilson Lake, Maine

Since it is a 2 day drive to get there we spent one night at the Wilson Lake Inn in Wilton, Maine. We just found it on the internet, checked the comments which were good and made our reservation. We weren't disappointed, lovely clean room, great view of the lake and beautiful grounds and gardens. We wished the weather had been more cooperative and not so foggy and rainy. They recommended a great place for dinner,Calzolaio Pasta Company the boiler room of the old Bass Shoe Factory (i have such fond memories of my high school Bass Weejuns!)! The whole building had been converted to offices and this restaurant. The food was fantastic, great wait staff too, we would definitely go back.

The next three days we spent in Essex Junction, Vermont. While there we went twice to a restaurant in Winooski, the Our House Bistro - Twisted Comfort Great food and service!

A busy day! Juiced at the Juice Bar - Patty Gertz, inspired by Judy Niemeyer's Glacier Star.

After three days at the Vermont Quilt Festival, I think I can say that I saw it all! At first it was a bit overwhelming and I found I was a bit scattered, seeing a bit of this, a bit of that, shopping, listening to lectures etc.

The Begat Quilt - Jane Crutchfield, hand pieced, hand applique and hand quilted. Charming!

So the second day I was much better organized and focused. I loved meeting so many people, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Kudos to Richard Cleveland who has been at the helm of the Festival committee for almost every year, it was great to meet him.

Best in Show - Meet Me at Giverny - Margaret Solomon Gunn, inspired by Monet's garden, long arm machine quilted.

Viewer's Choice Award - Conway Album (I'm Not From Baltimore) Lorraine Hofmann, designed by Gail Hatcher, hand quilted.

I think the only disappointing aspect to the festival was the food service, obviously they have the contract with the Champlain Valley Exposition Centre and had nothing to do with the Festival, I think if they did the food would have been wonderful - $3.50 for a small bottle of water! Next time I will know to bring my won food and water and use the "sack sitter" service, where I could have left a bag for as long as needed. I would have liked to bring an old quilt or two to the "Mystery Detectives" event but I didn't want to have to carry them with me all day, now I know there is a place where I could leave them safely I will do that next year.

Lovely sunset, after the rain, backwoods Maine, which reminded me of this appliqued landscape by Jo Diggs.

Light and Shadow - Jo Diggs, hand qppliqued.

So, all in all a wonderful Festival! Would I go again - definitely yes!