Quilt Mafia - January 2014

The view from the kitchen window, an exciting location!

The weather cooperated (except for the fog!) and about 14 of us gathered at Linda's house for the day. A wonderful day of sharing, stitching, talking and eating (and great coffee!). We are such a varied group with interests wide ranging in the fibre arts/quilting field. We all do something with a needle and thread and we all love to share. And if you need advice, this is a great group for that.

The Mummers - Margi Hennen

It is always an inspiration, always wonderful to see what everyone has accomplished no matter how big or small. It is all important. It seemed like everyone had something in their hands whether it was knitting needles or sewing needles, we were a busy lot!

We come from all over though we missed our Valley girls this time, Deb did make it from Tatamagouche as well as quite a few from the South Shore and cities.

We talked about having a bit of a "retreat", going somewhere where we can stay overnight for a few days and let someone else do the cooking. Should be fun. Plans are in the works.

Uta's beautiful sari but I love the colours that come from her socks, the basket and her scarf! Great for a foggy day.

Laureen's stitching on cheesecloth.

Our "show and tell" was inspiring from Margi's dolls to Laureen's delicate stitching to Uta's sari. And there were quilts too. I forgot to take a picture of Polly's latest "Tumbler" quilt in beautiful shades of pinks, burgundys and browns, very traditional yet very contemporary. 

Jamie shared her collection of fibre art postcards that she has collected. This one is one I gave her for her birthday, since loves loves all things Japanese it was made using contemporary Japanese fabrics.