Well, progress is being made. We now have running water (and a dishwasher!) and electricity. The floor is done and looks beautiful, we are so pleased with it and I am so grateful Peter persevered to get up the 6 layers of various floors from the past. Removing the old cabinets revealed many layers of this kitchen's past life right back to the wide board wainscoting to the 5 or 6 layers of old wallpaper. There must have been an old oil cook stove at one time which leaked in a corner and stained the floor black. Some came up but we didn't worry too much as the refrigerator and cabinet covers most of it. 

New window, wide board wainscoting and some wallpaper

Patching and covering up the old 60's wood panelling

The door is gone

Painting is done, Dusty Miller walls though not much will show when the shelves and cabinets are installed

Old floor revealed

First swipe with the sander

Rick did a super job

First of three layers of verathane

The bones of the cabinets

All ready for butcher block (handmade using NS wood), sliding shelves and doors. 

We'll see more progress this week, the cupboard doors and drawers are being painted off-site. The pantry cupboard will have sliding shelves - finally some easy access storage!