Let The Renos Begin!

The joy of buying a 150 year old house is that there is always something to do, something needs fixing, something needs changing/updating. We have been lucky, we have been quite comfortable and feeling settled in our "new" house here in Mahone Bay. Given the amount of snow we have had this year we are very glad not to have to shovel the long driveway we had in Fox Point! Here we don't even have a sidewalk to shovel, just the back parking for the cars!

Another Wednesday, another snowstorm with up to 30cm expected. This is the view from the mudroom window looking out to the side garden past the deck and grape arbour. It had just begun to snow.

We decided to start with the kitchen. Our kitchen in the Fox Point house was small and narrow, like a galley kitchen. We got used to it, this one has 7 doors and a window! Another challenge. We can get rid of two doors, the one jut to Peter's left and one in the right corner which was a second staircase and is no a pantry cupboard. We have a great design (we hope!) we didn't have a whole lot of choice about where things would go. One thing is for sure it will be better than it is now. The final measurements have been done, the main demolition of the cabinets will happen next week, then the floors will be sanded and varnished. Peter has cut away and torn up 6 layers of old floor coverings. We had no idea what was underneath...

So far so good! The boards are all different widths from 6" - 14". We aren't sure yet what wood they are, perhaps hemlock or spruce. We shall see, can't wait!