More on the 2013 Vermont Quilt Festival

I am still behind on posting my pictures on my Flickr page. I took way to many pictures but as I have gone through them I realized very quickly just what a wonderful event this was. I really do hope to go back and that is a good thing!

I think one reason it is such a good festival is that many of the volunteers go back year after year to help out. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the layout, it was nice to look at the quilts, browse the merchant's mall or go to one of the free mini-lectures/presentations. I went to the "Mystery Detectives" wishing I had brought an old quilt or two of mine. Not knowing how it all worked I decided not to bring anything. If I go back next year I will definitely bring a couple. They have "sack sitters" where I could have left my quilts for the morning until it was time.

The Dorr Mill booth, beautiful wools, so many colours!

Superior Threads booth

The Lancaster Traditional booth, I loved this booth, their presentation and their fabrics.

The merchants were spread around the edges of the two main halls, lots to chose from that's for sure - long arm sewing machines to needles and threads and everything in-between, not to mention fabric! There was lots to tempt, lots to buy. I was surprised how far some of them had come from.

Featherweight heaven with the Pennsylvania Quilter.

New to this year's festival was the Pennsylvania Quilter who featured refurbished Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines, accessories for them and replacement parts. I went to a lecture by Betty Neff and was thrilled to get all sorts of tips for my Featherweight and to buy a 1/4" foot. I do hope they will be invited back, their booth was always busy. I was also grateful to learn about cleaning and polishing my machine. I haven't done it yet. I will take before and after pictures.

"Not Perfect Jane" - Goldie Morrow, Rumney, Vt

L - In Our Time (aka Technicolor Jane) Judy Doenias & Diane Rode Schneck, New York, NY

R - Sunny Jane Linda Pederson, Marysville, WA

There was a wonderful exhibit of the Dear Jane quilts. Over the years I have seen a few reproductions of this quilt but here there was a special exhibition of 37 Dear Janes, all diffeent in fabric choices and sizes. The original quilt itself wasn't there, it is rarely brought out for public view but that will happen this year on the occasion of it's 150th anniversary. the quilt will be on view at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont from August 31 - October 14, 2013.

Monthly Memories - Skylar Shafer, age 10

The youth quilts were wonderful, such talent among the young quilters, boys and girls from 6 - 17 years! Nice to see some Canadian entries too. More of our Guilds should include this category and encourage our young quilters. I happened to talk to one very happy young quilter who could not stop smiling, standing in front of her quilt, wearing her ribbon, just so proud. I was smiling with her!

Something's Brewing - Cathy Wiggins, NC

Something's Brewing - detail, I am such a sucker for Hallowe'en quilts! This hand embrodidery alone took over 250 hours! The teacher's quilts were wonderful, what else can I say? 

I'll be back soon with the "Contest Quilts" and there were lots of them - miniatures, wall hangings, bed quilts large and small!