Quilt Mafia Meets Again

Fifteen of the Quilt Mafia gathered at Laurie Swim's in Lunenburg this week and we had a great day of sharing, talking and eating! As always the conversation was varied and interesting, the food delicious and the quilts/knitting/works of art that everyone was working on or had completed were fantastic. What an amazing group!

So many were wearing hand knit socks! This wasn't all!

There was some conversation around "should we or shouldn't we be known as the Quilt Mafia"? I don't have a problem with it but then I was around when Polly's Dan first started calling her quilt friends "the quilt mafia" and it just stuck! I was surprised the other day when I found out by searching google that we aren't the only ones who use that term. The Fons family of quilters - Marianne, her daughter Mary also refer to themselves as the "quilt mafia family". It is found here as "fabric mafia" in a conversation with Lynne Edwards. Just googling the term brings up other links! Who knew we were so ground breaking way back then?

It was wonderful to be surrounded by Laurie's art quilts. You can read/see more about her here. I especially loved her new series, yet to be named but using the image of the fish stores in Blue Rocks.

Here is a picture I took a few years ago of one of the fish stores in Blue Rocks, near Lunenburg.

I think Laurie captured it perfectly.