Ready, Set, Sew!

I think I am ready. Everything is unpacked and is more or less organized. I am sure as I work in my new space things will change to accommodate drafting, cutting, sewing etc. I have had a few trial runs.

The grandkids all "needed" new Hallowe'en pillowcases and since I found all my Hallowe'en fabric I had no excuse plus 2 needed to get in the mail going west. I love having a designated cutting table. Just the best thing ever, thank you Peter! The last job for him to do is build a shelf to lower my sewing machine. In my old sewing room, we used a sewing machine lift from Lee Valley Tools. I had to leave it there. We were going to get another one but then we found this tutorial online and it makes much more sense and saves almost $200 (more $ for fabric!).

Next on the list is a raffle quilt for the Chester Gingerbread Festival, an easy strip pieced Christmas tree quilt. I'll have some help from a few quilt friends to make this charming quilt. My friend Heather is coming for a week long visit tomorrow. She will be here to teach workshops and a lecture with the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild. So we'll put her to work while she is here! The best way to make a quilt is with friends and it is for a good cause - the new health clinic for Chester.

Really different colour choices for me, I hope they work!

Our new garden continues to surprise us. Blooms can still be found despite the chilly nights, the rain and the wind.

I can't wait to see what the spring will bring.

I should cut this bud and bring it in, it sure looks lonely!

Now we need to see if we remember how to rake leaves! Haven't had to do that in 17 years!