They Came

Summer is quickly coming to a close though recently the weather forecasters are saying our lovley weather is going to continue well into September. But those of us who depend on wells could sure do with a few steady days and nights of rain.

I don't do family stuff very often here but I hope you will bear with me every once in a while.

We had our annual birthday celebration - 

Happy Birthday Andrew and Kate! They are 2 years and 4 days apart but I always said if we ever had a shared birthday party they would each have their own cake. Unfortunately the number of candles do not reflect their "real" age!

Molly, Marcus, Evan and Ben proudly wearing their London 2012 Olympic t-shirts sent by their "fairy godmother" Cheryl in England.

The kids came and now have gone back to the wild west. We had a great visit. Became completely charmed and by a certain 8 month old grandson and were constantly in awe of our 6 1/2 year old granddaughter. But having all 4 grands together is just someting so special I can't describe. There is nothing better than sitting back and listening to their chatter and their laughter. Just wish we could do this more often - sigh...

Andrew, Christy, Molly and Marcus - happy memories!