The Quilt Mafia Meets Again!

We are 22 quite diverse quilters, well mostly quilters. Several are knitters as well and we have a couple of doll makers (but not your usual dolls - these are one of a kind, collectable art dolls). Some dabble with paints both on paper and fabric, some use paper as their medium of choice. But what we all love best is just getting together for a day to stitch, knit, use threads and fibres, talk and eat! There are more pictures here.

Uta, Polly, Deb, Anne and Val

Penny Beren's daily "scratching". Penny started on January 1, 2012 to add a row and stitch/embroider every day something, a memory or an event from that day. I so admire her dedication to this project, the humour she stitches and the artistry.

Just how Penny felt the day after she visited the quilt shows and the merchant mall at Quilt Canada in Halifax!

I am always amazed by what everyone brings to show, finished pieces as well as works in progress. We are so varied by what we do from traditional to contemporary, from functional to "art" and Val shared some wonderful stitched pieces from her African Threads.

Linda explains her work in progress "The Habituation of Mr. Morris" inspired by "steampunk" - something I had never heard of. This is going to be a stunning piece when it is done.

But what also inspires me when I look at the pictures afterwards are how our hands always show up. I can remember as a child being awed by my maternal Grandmother's hands.

My Mom, Norma Mitchell Paterson and my Granny Mitchell, 1949

She had terrible arthritis in her hands but that didn't stop her, she was always knitting, crocheting, quilting or weaving. Despite the arthritis her hands were always soft and lovely, always busy, I don't remember her ever complaining. Luckily I have about 6 of her quilts, several placemats and a skirt she wove. Granny died when I was 17, I have always wished I could have talked to her about quilts, about knitting socks and I sure could use a crochet refresher!

Yesterday's gathering was just what I needed to get back to my needle and threads. I've found that after the busy-ness of getting ready for Quilt Canada and teaching at Quilt Canada plus just day to day family stuff I was not feeling like quilting or sewing. A rare time for me. So now I have a list - so much has to be accomplished by September 27, our MBQG bi-annual quilt show and then there is my Cove Quilters Challenge to start (an idea would be good!) and so much more. Time to get to work!