Christmas Catch Up!

Christmas has come and gone and I am way behind! Not a good way to start the new year. However, here is a brief recap of a busy month.

Sandra and the 2 Lindas, some of my bee "The Cove Quilters"

The Cove Quilters gathered for our annual Christmas lunch at Linda's. Lots of great food as always and great friends.

Sandra, Donna and Sandy and our festive table!

Then it was time for the Piecemakers Bee Christmas party, I am guessing but I think we have been getting together for Christmas for well over 20 years. We exchange gifts, the same one for everyone and it is supposed to cost no more than $2! It is a year long search.

 Ruth C. has a wonderful collection of these charming elves.

One of the best things about our annual Christmas party is we get to celebrate Eileen's birthday and have cake!

We are so blessed to have our two Grandsons, Ben and Evan living close by. When Ben learned that Evan was going to be wearing his Uncle Andrew's tartan tie he had to have one too. Evan's is the Robson tartan which is from the Gunn clan. Ben's tie is the Nova Scotia tartan, the only child's tartan tie available here. Guess we will have to go back to Scotland to get another Gunn tartan tie!

Another Piecemaker's Christmas tradition is to go to Ruth E's the first Friday after the New Year for our annual sherry party. Laureen was starting her birthday week decked out in a tiara. Ruth has some wonderful "collections" and many beautiful family Christmas ornaments. It is always a treat to go to her house and toast out the season.

Ruth's son made these exquisite felted Santas for her, they are about 3".

Ruth has a wonderful collection of "Frozen Charlottes"

This is a beautiful Frozen Charlotte Pin Cushion, though I can't imagine sticking a pin in it! Check out their lovely feet! The pink is silk as is the ribbon.

Santas are everywhere.

Old and new Santas

I think this hot air balloon is one of my favourite of all her ornaments.

So now Christmas is all tucked away, but one of my favourite quotes is "Christmas is coming"!