The Quilt Mafia Meets Again

The Quilt Mafia, a name given to Polly's quilt friends by her beloved Dan, we get together every few months to share a day of stitching, talking, eating and laughing. We vary greatly in our fibre art from traditional to art quilts, from hand stitching to machine stitching, from bed quilts to dolls and everything in between. Some of us were able to meet up at the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat in early April. On this day we gathered in Chester at the beautiful St. Stephen's Church Hall. 

Polly Greene's Storm at Sea

One of the best parts is sharing works in progress and finished pieces. There are more pictures in the Flickr link on the sidebar. It is just so inspiring to be with these gifted fibre artists for the day. As well as sharing we did get some stitching done and we all enjoyed our take out lunch from the Kiwi Cafe in Chester.

Plans are to get together on a more regular basis at St Stephen's, some of us will be at the Quilters Retreat at Pictou Lodge in September, a trip to Cape Breton to meet up at Anne Morrell Robinson's studio in the spring and also to go back to the Maritime Fibre Arts Retreat next April. Can't wait!