Quilts for Japan

Quilters all over the world are making quilts for Japan. Thanks to the efforts of Northcott Fabrics in Canada, earthquake survivors in Japan will receive quilts made in Canada. My bee has been working hard the last couple of weeks to add to this wonderful effort. As I machine quilted a small quilt today I thought of the child who might get it, so far away from my sunshiney world. Will it make a difference? Will it be warm enough? Will it provide a bit of comfort?

My sewing room window looks out onto St Margaret's Bay, 5 miles across to Seabright, about 9 miles out to Peggy's Cove, one of those days when I could see forever. The water sparkled today with the bright sun and I thought of my own children and grandchildren and how lucky we are, to live where we do and to have quilts on our beds.