Christmas is Coming!

Years ago I made the kids Christmas stockings, simple ones with their initial on each one, an "A" and  "K". As partners joined the family they too each got a stocking. As grandchildren arrived more stockings were made. Now we have a new grandson, born November 6, 2011. I had it on my "to do" list to make Marcus a stocking when I got a call from Molly (5 1/2) way out in the wild west. She was very serious and had wanted to remind me that Marcus would need a Christmas stocking. I reassured her that I was making one for him and that it would be there in lots of time for Christmas Eve. I knew that wasn't the end of our conversation, I could tell she was a little perplexed. She asked "How was Santa going to tell the stockings apart if they both had "M's" on them?" I had to think fast, what to do! I told her I would add a tag, one for her stocking and one for Marcus', that would have their names and could be pinned on each stocking. She seemed quite relieved. The stocking is in the mail. I hope Santa can read the tags!