Finally, I have my sewing machine at the right height. I have been struggling with just the right set-up for such a long time. I have always wanted to have my sewing machine down into my table so that the bed of the machine was flush with the table top. A Horn Cabinet was out of the question, I have too much Scottish blood in me to spend the money!

This is what my sewing machine used to look like, sitting on top of my table.

While in Calgary a few months ago we popped into Sewing World/Sewing Sensation (thanks Cheryl) to pick up some legs for my portable quilting table. They are Canada's top Pfaff dealer and I have a Pfaff 2046. While there we looked at the Horn Cabinets and chatted with one of the salespeople who suggested we look at the Lee Valley Sewing Machine Lift. My sewing table is built in, attached to the wall so this seemed like a great idea. So when we got home one of the first things we did was head to Lee Valley in Halifax and buy the lift. In no time Peter had it installed and I am thrilled! It took a bit of work as it doens't come with much in the way of insructions. Luckily, after an offhand chat with the owner of NS Building Supplies in Blockhouse, Peter was able to get them make a plexiglass insert to fit in around my machine. So I am in business and it works great!

Now I have adjusted my chair so my knees are at right angles, my back is supported and I am comfortable! I have also been following Elaine Quehl's advice and have taken off my right foot shoe and am sewing in my socks! I really like it!

And here is the below table shot, a bit of a mess but I love my space and my view, soon the lobster boats will be back to keep me company.

Now to get caught up on a few projects and start a new baby quilt for our new grandson who is due mid November.